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Lamplighter - Zagreb
Lamplighter - Zagreb

The fifth planet was very strange. It was the smallest of all. There was just enough room on it for a street lamp and a lamplighter.
When he arrived on the planet he respectfully saluted the lamplighter.
-Good morning. Why have you just put out your lamp?
-Those are the orders, replied the lamplighter. -Good morning.
-What are the orders?
-The orders are that I put out my lamp. Good evening.
And he lighted his lamp again.
-But why have you just lighted it again?
-Those are the orders - replied the lamplighter.
-I do not understand, said the little prince.
-There is nothing to understand - said the lamplighter. -Orders are orders. Good morning.
And he put out his lamp.
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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